America's Trumpet Warning
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America's Trumpet Warning

1 Corinthians 1:27,
"But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things   of the world to confound the things which are mighty;"

It is a week before Rosh HaShanah and as I make preparations for the Feast of Trumpets I can't help but   think the first Trumpet blast should be aimed as a warning to anyone in America who would listen.  Our country is slumbering badly and is not awake to what is about to   befall the 'Land of the Free' and the 'Home of the Brave'.  

Today, this once noble nation could more probably be 
called the 'Land of the Freaks' and the 'Home of the depraved'.  When referring to America's current condition     I often refer to the beginning words of our pledge of allegiance with, 'One nation under surveillance with no liberty or justice at all'.  America was built by men who understood the virtue of scripture and if they didn't walk with the Lord, at least respected those who did.  It was a different age though.  The integrity of America's leaders in our past allowed this nation to flourish and become one of the greatest nations in history.  

That was then, and this is now.

Unfortunately, America has forsaken the Creator that     made Her great and strong.  She stands in a position of defiance against God.  Her leaders get away with   everything and apathy is prevalent by the great masses of people.   America has leaders who have sold out to   business interests all over the world.  Their seems to be so little actual American interest or national conviction within our government today.  Our feckless Congress continuously and sadly votes for things that they must know are meant   to tear down their own nation.  Whether it be Obamacare and it's obvious derailment of the nation's health care system, or the President's total surrender to the nation of Iran, or the betrayal of common decency by the Supreme Court concerning something so pure as marriage; all three branches of government have put a noose around America's neck.  It's all so shocking and staggers the imagination when I think about it.

America has abandoned God and stands ready to pay the price.  May God have mercy on the United States of America.

This once virtuous nation has crossed a deadly line in the sand!   They have built their house on this sand and the winds are starting to blow.  We will soon see where the houses land. 

Actually, this deadly line was crossed by America all the   way back in 1973 with the Roe vs. Wade decision.  The rush to depopulate our nation began with this ruling that sentenced some 60 million babies to be killed in one of the greatest, and most diabolical killing orgies in modern history.  It has taken over a generation but the chicks have come home to roost.  I wonder what the annual taxes of     60 million workers in the United States would have brought to our national coffers?  No matter though, as we stand today, we live in a land that simply prints its money when it needs it.  How convenient.  They keep putting off responsible action for this nation and now the grim reaper   is knocking on the door.  

Now, with the perverse judgment of our nations highest court, being a Bible believing Christian or Messianic   believer in Yeshua, Jesus, just might end you up in jail as     a criminal.   The dissenting Supreme Court justices  in the homosexual marriage ruling all made mention of this.   

America has fallen down and it's not getting up!   Our government is now targeting and punishing people for obeying the tenants of the Bible.  The traitors running the government in Washington DC, and the state houses have turned our nation over to the New World Order and their globalist agenda.  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has put America and the world into a state of "INSANITY"!   They expect people to think nothing of their crazy ideas and changes.  Peer pressure has become the mantra of this American nation gone mad.  We all need to stand up for the ability to think!  We should all shout the message of our   God, His Word, His will and His wisdom from the housetops! 

America's President is openly hostile to Israel, "THE APPLE OF GOD'S EYE"!  Our leaders have claimed to be the best friend of Israel and the American government is now consistently stabbing Israel in the back in the most brazen manner.  The leaders in Israel must be stunned at seeing   the obvious and callous way America has put a knife in the back of her most staunch friend and ally.  Our leaders must know they will pay a steep price before the Lord our God!   Israel's defender is the Lord God of the Bible!  He is the Creator of Mankind!  Our Lord never slumbers or sleeps,   and His judgment and justice are at the door.
Prepare yourself America because, "YOU ARE A NATION THATS ABOUT TO CRY"!  

Weep, howl and mourn America.  Your sins have reached God in Heaven.  America has been weighed in the balances and is found wanting.  You had so much and gave it all away!   At the end of the day you have chosen darkness   over God's light.


The COUNT DOWN clock of America's demise is "ticking" and "JUDGMENT" is 
just ahead!   This nation is going to be punished for her decision in the Roe v Wade decision where over 60,000,000 babies have been murdered.  This has been nothing less than a gigantic ritual killing with Satan smiling in the background.  Who would have thought that
America would surpass even the Nazis and their bloody murderous acts?  

The cold, hard facts are in:  Judgment is at the door and   the Fall Feasts of the Lord beckon in just a few days.  The clock is ticking.  The winds are stirring.  The Shimitah year is now over.  The Jubilee year is here on Yom Kippur and God has a way of making things right.  Does anyone think this nation will continue in God's favor?  The rulers of the whole world should tremble in fear.  The signs and seasons are telling us all a story.  The enemies of America and the instrument of God's justice are at the gates.  Drink up America, you're about to drink from the cup being handed   to you from on High.  

Psalm 2,
"Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little.  Blessed are all they that put their trust in him."

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