The Jesuit Pope and 'E.T.s'
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The Jesuit Pope and 'E.T.s'

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4,
"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

Do you want to hear something that is amazing?  Pope Gregory the Great (540-604) was the first person to be recorded in history to identify the papal office as Anti-Messiah/Anti-Christ.  He later became known as 'Saint Gregory'.  He made this statement: "I confidently affirm   that whomever calls himself universal bishop or desires to be so called is in his pride a fore runner of antichrist.”       

No kidding.

Wow.  A Pope said something I can agree with!  Now let's move ahead to 2015.  In these perilous times we live now,   a dangerous group of people are now coming back on the scene of events.  This group is the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits.

Actually the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic institution have for centuries been working behind the curtains but now   they are back in full bloom.  And, they are operating in plain sight before the world but who is paying attention?  The Jesuits are perhaps the most wicked and evil institution ever conceived by man.   To say that, I am just agreeing with other Jesuits who have written about them before.  In fact, I don't think man could have come up with something so diabolical as the Jesuits.  This secret order must have been spawned by Satan himself.

The Jesuits, the 'The Society of Jesus' was founded in 1534 by a Spaniard named Ignatius Loyola.  Loyola was born don Inigo Lopez de Racalde, in the castle of Loyola in the province of Guipuzcoa in 1491.  He was known as a youth   to be very brutal and vindictive.  He was from the Basque region of Spain which has the reputation of being very rugged and foreboding.  Loyala was known as an unruly and conceited soldier.  He was wounded at the siege of Pampeluna in 1521 which affected his life greatly because, like Jacob in the Bible, he was to limp for the rest of his   life.  As a result, he sought after “spiritual” conquests   which lead him to develop the infamous Society of Jesus, the Jesuit order.

The Jesuits were to be the Vatican’s “hit men”.  They were, and are, the military arm of Papal Rome.  They sought to thwart the Protestant reformation which had taken hold of Europe and was gaining ground.  If you have ever read the Jesuit oaths you will be shocked at how they hate the Bible and Bible believers.  They refer to us as heretics and have vowed to exterminate us.  You think Isis is a new thing?   Think again.  They have nothing on the Jesuits.               Think 'Spanish Inquisition'.  

The Jesuits throughout their existence have worked to undermine governments, assasinate political and religious enemies and wreak havoc wherever they have found opposition to their aims.  The Gestapo of Nazi Germany was literally based on the Jesuits.  They are the expert authors of clandestine activities all around the world.  The Jesuits have also worked behind the scenes in Roman Catholic affairs and are feared throughout the Roman Catholic world. The Jesuit General has always been known as the "Black Pope".  The 'Black Pope' is known to be the power behind the throne and is very influential in Vatican dealings.  The Jesuits were founded to be a secret society, a society that was to slide in behind the scenes and capture the positions of leadership. They knew that to capture the leaders of any particular country or organization is to conquer the entire body.  They are good at what they do.  

The Society of Jesus has also been kicked out of many, many contries during their history.  They have been behind wars, revolutions, rebellion and all kinds of intrigue.  And, they have done this using the name, 'Society of Jesus'.   'Jesus who', I wonder?  Certainly not the Jesus of the Bible; and, certainly not Yeshua HaMashiach, the Jewish Messiah, the Lamb of God.  Nothing of what they are famous for is found to reflect anything the Lord Yeshua/Jesus spoke of in His Word, the Bible. 

Now, today, for the first time in history, the Pope in Rome is a Jesuit.  I was shocked when I heard about his election for the first time a few years ago.  I still shake my head.   This news of a Jesuit becoming Pope should have alarmed the whole world but it didn't.  Almost everyone has embraced Pope Francis I as this wonderful personage sent by God.       I remember lightning striking St. Peters Basillica at the Vatican on the day of his inauguration.  I'm certain it was a warning sign to the world.  

Since Francis I became Pope, his words and actions have caused great upheaval in Roman Catholic circles.  Catholic people I know can't believe what he has said and done.  He is nothing like anything the Roman Catholic world has ever seen.  His words and doctrine seem so bizarre and different to anything any of us has ever heard from the Bishop of Rome.  I think he could actually be the great false prophet mentioned in the Bible.  It remains to be seen.  I also can't help but think that this Pope, 'Petros Romanos', the first Pope also from the western hemisphere, is perhaps also a good candidate to actually become the Man of Sin, the         Anti-Christ, Anti-Messiah prophesied about.

You don't think so?  Let me give you an example.  We already know about Pope Francis openly admitting he   would baptize an alien (UFO) entity.  Now he has taken it one step further and rumors are abounding across the internet that the Vatican is about to disclose the preparation for 'Alien contact' some time in the near future.  

Think this is bizarre?  I do too, but there it is.  Is this just a rumor or is there some truth behind it?  According to Daniel P. Sheehan — a Harvard College Government and Foreign Policy Scholar as well as the former US chief councilman     for the Jesuit Order, he thinks it will be the case. 
At a Ufology conference called, 'Contact in the Desert'     held at Joshua Tree, California, May 29-31, 2015, Sheehan was one of the main speakers.  At this conference Sheehan talked about Pope Francis' avoidance of such an announcement because of the repercussions it would   cause.  According to Neon Nettle he stated the following: 
“Pope Francis wants to position the Catholic church and   the Jesuit Order to be able to accept major shift in human consciousness a result of 'Alien existence' as well as the evolution of a 6th faculty of human consciousness.  The 6th faculty will constitute a new form of religion and contact between humans and advanced telepathic aliens." 
So there you have it in a nutshell.  From what the Jesuit Sheehan described, it looks like the largest single religious denomination on Earth is now mobilizing for the disclosure of "E.T’s.”   The Jesuit leadership of the Vatican is either ignorant of the demonology they are embracing or they are   a part of it.  I think they are a part of it.  They know the 'aliens' they are discussing are not from outer space but from the demonic realm.  The Jesuits are given over to the forces of hell and are doing their bidding.  They want to be the head of a One World Religion that will seek to control the minds and hearts of all men and women.  It is not the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah!  They are galvanizing their forces to oppose the soon return of Yeshua, Jesus our Lord. 

All of this is in the Bible and I'm grateful for the Lord's revelation of it.  Don't trust the Man of Sin, or his prophet.   Both of them will forever reside in the Lake of Fire.

Joshua 24:15,
"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

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dennis dore on Monday, August 31, 2015 7:48 PM
this is hard to believewere cad i find more about this
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