Coffee Please, Hold The Fru Fru
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Coffee Please, Hold The Fru Fru

“The LORD is righteous: he hath cut asunder the cords of the wicked.  Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Psalm 129:4-5

Starbucks coffee is very popular in today's culture and they amaze me how they are the very willing poster children for this society that has gone to rot.  I've  always felt like Sodom and Gomorrah were extreme cases of sexual confusion and rebellion against God, but we are currently witnessing a new strand of abomination right before our eyes daily.  It's bad enough seeing our government begin to hate the God of the Bible but you don't expect it from people who you thought needed your business.

Honestly, it has always amazed me how people were so quick to cough up $5 for a cup of coffee in the first place.  This I always found an enigma, weird.  The manipulation of the masses is a science that Starbucks has mastered well.  I think they have taken a page out of the Disney playbook in subliminally advertising their particular brand of paganism and witchcraft.  They have succeeded, on the surface anyway, in giving the lust for entertainment an 'other worldly' feel.  Spiritual people understand these things.  Maybe they know something we don't about the ways and trends of this world.  Maybe they have help.  Starbucks, et al, really needs to consider though the reality of the Lord's ways and His trends.  They really do.  God never changes.  And, the Lord watches and takes note.

Starbucks (or 'Fivebucks') knows that with slick advertising, making a hot trend out of spending money for a daily staple is something people do want.  Recently though, they have openly, and unashamedly declared war on the God of the Bible.  This coffee conglomerate is definitely making a huge effort in wagging their fists at the long decent moral culture in this country and around the world.  Several weeks ago they showed on the national news Starbucks latest commercial appealing to a couple of 'fellows' dressed in drag and wanting to cut in line to get a coffee.  Very fruity.  Just who are they appealing to?  Hopefully no one I know.  Gender confusion is something that needs love and counseling, not exploitation. This really makes me wonder about the leadership agenda at Starbucks and what they are really up to.  What do they have in store for the future?   Is what they have exploited in their commercial the kind of values they want instilled in their families?  Their customers?  Is what they are trying to accomplish a successful business?  Or is it something bigger and darker?  What I witnessed in their ad was not liberation, that was bondage!  It really makes you want to buy Starbucks doesn't it?   

Their CEO was in the news the other day too telling shareholders in his company that if they didn't like the perverse overtures toward men on men marriages, then those shareholders should feel free to sell their stocks.  He was very defiant.  This was a shot across the bow to anyone desiring normal, decent behavior at Starbucks.  May the Lord of justice tear down this rebellion.  Eleven  years ago Starbucks shut down every store in Israel in a show of disgust against the Jewish state.  Really?  They also boast of their stores in Muslim countries to this day.  I wonder if they actually show their latest commercials of 'confused' 'guys' cutting in line in countries where they kill homosexuals?  

Lastly, and probably more on point, the Starbucks logo should be viewed in light of all the incredible hypocrisy perpetrated by their leaders.  Forget the fruits and nuts, forget the $5 cups of coffee and anti-Semitic business practices.  Maybe all of this can be explained simply by looking at their logo:  It is occultic and it is witchy!

How does an image of a female with a crown on her head fit in with a coffee shop anyhow?  Well, the truth is – it doesn’t. It is a subconscious marketing gimmick used to draw in customers.  This is, in fact, witchcraft.  At the surface-level, it is an image of a “glorified” female with her hair covering her naked body.  This manipulative symbol attracts the female because it promotes “woman power”. The image of the female looks very glorified, in the sense that she is wearing a crown; the image looks happy and confident with only her long locks covering her bare chest; and the image appears to be pointing to her head, suggesting that she is the “head” or above the man. This could all be seen, at surface-level, through the eyes of a female customer.  However, this logo also draws in male customers with her sex appeal and with the gender-neutral colors.  This is called subliminal advertising and it works.  And with Starbucks we can clearly see a tree is known by its 'fruits'.  I pray people will wake up to the Starbucks crowd and the spiritual war around us.  It is so true what they say, 'He that stands for nothing will fall for anything.'  As for me, I will go elsewhere for coffee, save my $5, pass by the Starbucks crowd and serve the Lord!

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