Our Brokenness
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Our Brokenness

Psalm 51:17, "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise."

Brokenness is something sorely needed in our lives yet so many of us fight it tooth and nail.  The Lord gives the supreme example of brokenness 
in John 12:24, "Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”   

Yeshua is saying that only by falling, breaking and dying can a single grain produce any kind of real fruit that can grow into a rich crop.  If that grain of wheat stays within us: isolated, apart, and protected it will never grow into anything.  Being broken is how the Lord works in His children to bring them into a place of use.  He has to break us from this world.  So many today, whether in or out of pulpits, strive to hold onto everything they can thinking it will bring them joy and fulfillment.  The Lord desires to bring us so much more.  Books and sermons today abound teaching us formulas on how to get out of this world all we can, that this is even what God wants, that godliness is gain(1 Timothy 6:5).  This is not the Lord's path for His disciples. 

God wants us to be broken.  Yeshua our Messiah breaks us in order, to bring spiritual growth and supernatural ministry into our lives.  He wants us to walk in His Spirit.  It is His desire to build His Kingdom in us to bring to others.  I recently read from Charles Stanley the process the Lord uses on His people to break them and it is always the same:

1. God targets the areas in which we are not submissive to Him.

2. He arranges circumstances and selects the tools with which to break our self-sufficiency.

3. He controls the pressure and timing of those circumstances to bring us back into His will

If we refuse to be remade through brokenness and insist on never releasing our old lives, He will put us on the shelf.  Often we pray for God's will but then resist.  Life for us then becomes a continual cycle of 'going around the mountain'.  Our circumstances seem to always be the same, but now a new color, and often with different people.  But, if we don't allow brokenness in our life, just like an unbroken grain of wheat, we’ll be fruitless and we will be alone with nothing of real value to show for our time on Earth. What will we show Yeshua on that day when the light shines on how fruitful we have been?  It depends on how broken you've allowed yourself to become.

There are many who yearn to be fruitful in the Lord's Kingdom yet resist this brokenness without realizing it at every turn.  They have never been taught the cost of true discipleship.  We want to hang onto the things we think bring joy.  Our values, our traditions and lifestyles are so sacred to us we miss what the Lord is trying to bless us with.  We often persist in behavior that stunts our spiritual growth.  Remember, with the Lord 'up' is 'down' and 'down' is 'up'.  The Lord said 'the greatest among us must be the greatest servants,' etc.

Human nature and God's nature are not the same thing!  Normally, too many of us want to take the path of least resistance and hope that God will bless our laziness.  Please understand that this is not the road to spiritual maturity.  Our measure of growth is the fruit we bear:  'a tree is known by its fruit'.

Abba has a plan, and brokenness is a big part of that plan.  I find that our experiences in our world happen over and over again until we get it right.  We will hang out at the same places, hang out with the same people and never think about the fruitfulness in our lives because we are comparing ourselves with those same people we are hanging around.  Our brokenness will open our eyes to the Lord's working around us.  Remember, 'iron sharpens iron' (Proverbs 27:17).  

Brokenness hurts.  The Word of God, however, proclaims that it will hurt far worse in the long run if we are not broken.  The Bride of Messiah will prepare herself for that great wedding day.  Pray for wisdom and understanding.  Don’t be distracted by short-term amusement, worldly partying and fruitless, mindless fun and games.  Focus in on what God's long term will is for your life.  Seek and you will find!  Knock and the door will be opened for you!  Look where your Heavenly Father is leading you, and in Yeshua's name let Him do whatever it takes to get you there.

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