Never Bow Down To The New World Order
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Never Bow Down To The New World Order

Revelation 18:4, 
“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

I was surprised, but not surprised when I read on the Internett this morning that U. S. military troops, serving in the Middle East are now required to observe the demonic doctrine of Sharia law during Ramadan.  The 4th beast of Daniel 7, I believe,  is Islam and it is the beast that woke Daniel up and shaken to the core.  Every spirit in the world, except the Spirit of God,  is bowing to this warlike demon prince that is taking over the world we know.  Just as Nazi Germany saw the spirit of Fascism and Adolf Hitler during the 1930's, this warlike beast that has been unloosed is making a mockery of the institutions we grew up with in our nation.  Almost every word I hear from Muslim's are blasphemous and filled with hate.  We shouldn't be too amazed though at what we are witnessing because it is all in God's Word.  What has been appalling to me is the lack of conviction by those in our government and gutless religious institutions.  What they always propose is such a weak answer to what Satan has unsheathed here.  And, it is not only Islam, but the spirit of rebellion against God's Word in not standing up against the abomination of homo-sexuality.  I'm not calling on a new Crusade in these matters but who will stand up for God's Word?.  The Crusades were just as diabolical as the raging spirit of Islam is.  The gutless lack of conviction by people many of us thought to have the right stuff is shocking.  No, what is needed is for God's people now is to stand up for God's Word, God's Will and God's wisdom.  We are not of this world but we need to stand for God's Word. We need to see the world before us as it really is: dying and rotting.  The people of God should realize that the judgement hand of God is ready to smite His enemies and Planet Earth is being set up for the greatest war of rebellion this globe has ever seen.  I know who wins:  Yeshua HaMashiach!

This is the hour of Satan's last stand.  This is the 'hour of shadows' for the modern day Judas' around us who would have you believe their faith is in the Son of God but their actions speak something very different.  The spirit of hell, the beast that has now been let loose is around us and is rising.  We need Yeshua in our lives to fight the good fight of faith now.  It is the desire of our Lord to give us wisdom in what to do every day.  One obvious thing that we shouldn't do is compromise with evil.  We are called to test the spirits to see if they are of God.  If this back-slidden nation is so pathetic as to give up our freedom of religion just to be based in an oppressive country like Saudi Arabia then we are doomed.  If 'Christian' leaders, or even Messianic leaders are so afraid of what this world can do to them if they don't capitulate to the demonic breathing around them, then they are in grave spiritual jeapardy.

The new world order has a one world religion in mind and the Pope, Sharia Law and the designs on those who hate Bible believers is coming forward like we have never seen.  For those of us aware of the last days scenario laid out in the Bible, we see clearly what is happening.  God's Word of prophecy is like a lamp guiding us in a dark alley.  To 'come out of her' means what though?   I believe it means to live for Yeshua and commit anew our lives to the Prince of Peace, Israel's Messiah.  It is holding onto our faith in Him like never before.  Nothing can move us away from our faith in Israel's Meshiach, Yeshua of Nazereth, the Lord.

We are living in Biblical times and we need to be aware that spiritual forces have been unloosed to cause the lukewarm to cave in.  The spiritually weak in leadership among us will be exposed.  Whether it be in the pulpits, in the media, in the streets of our beleagered neighborhoods, standing up for truth, righteousness and the Son of God, Yeshua will be challenged.  It may cost some of us our lives, but we know that these satanic spirits now whipping up their hatred for God and us are breathing their last free breaths before going to the burning flames of Tartarus: hell.  It is so surreal to witness what is happening but here it is.  Whether it is the dark and foreboding spirit of Islam, or the spirit of politcal correctness and sexual perversion, or the unbridled rebellion every which way you turn, Yesua is looking at, and taking note of who will stand up and be counted for Him when the going gets tough.  I stand before you again and say, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!'

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HGHs on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 6:49 AM
Good post ! I just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been conducting a little research on this.
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