God's Forgiveness
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God's Forgiveness

Everyone wants to be a success. I don't think anyone starts out wanting to fail but it does happen.  I have never met anyone who purposely sets out to be a failure.  We see books written like “How to be a Success” and these books become really popular as if their is a sure fire way not to fall flat on your face. 

I think it was Theodore Roosevelt who said, “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”  This is truer now than ever before.  So many of us have things in front of us to do our work for us, and will even do our thinkig for us.  The simple reality is that failure is one of those ugly realities of life—a common experience to all of us.  For most of us, failure in our lives is the one thing that has taught us the real lessons we have needed to learn.  Our ability to handle failure in its various forms and degrees is a vital part of our spiritual life too.  It is a real sign of our maturity.  A careful study of scripture lets us know that most of the great figures of the Bible experienced failure at one time or another, and some very badly.  Yet those failures did not keep them from effective service for God.  They still had to muster the faith in God to come back and stand strong.  This was true of Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David, and Peter and a whole host of others.  Though they failed at some point, and often in significant ways, they not only recovered from their failure, but they used it as a tool for growth.  They learned from their failure, confessed it to God, and were often able to be used in even mightier ways.  For us today, the manner in which a leader meets his own failure will have a significant effect on his future ministry.  One would have been justified in concluding that Peter’s failure in the judgment hall had forever slammed the door shut on any future role in Messiah's  kingdom.  Instead, the depth of his repentance and the reality of his love for Yeshua, and his trust in Messiah's love, acceptance and forgiveness reopened the door of opportunity for him to a bigger, wider ministry. “Where sin did abound, the grace of God did much more abound.”

Walking with the Lord can be very humbling.  When we examine failings, and their subsequent cries for repentance, we see it secured for them a more solid, and ample conception of the grace of God.  They learned to know Him as the God of the second chance to His children who had failed Him—and sometimes, third chances too.

Understanding the amazing grace of God and His incredible forgiveness and acceptance through Messiah, a mature believer is one who has grasped the truth that his or her failure is not the end of an effective life with and for the Lord.  While there may be consequences to live with (as with David) and serious issues to work through, the mature believer rests in the grace of God and uses the failure as a backdoor to success through growth and understanding.   We serve Yeshua better and more fervently because we have tasted the forgiveness that only our Messiah can provide.  Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

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