God's Grace In This Hour
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God's Grace In This Hour

This is September 2013.  I remember well the flap about December 21, 2012 and all the misinformation put out by the World's media when this occurred.  The main talking point about the Mayan calendar and the forecast of the end thereof was totally given over to misinformation.  The Mayans never said the end of the World would occur on the winter solstice last year.  The whole story of this prophecy was always talking about how planet Earth was about to transfer from one distinct time period into another.  I remember teaching on this subject and doing several presentations trying to show believers in Yeshua the Messiah that this was something that many people have anticipated for many years.  It was not just the Mayans looking for this transitional moment, but the Aztecs, the Incas, the Cherokee, the Hopi, the Free Masons, the Kabbalah teachers of the Zohar, the Iching in China, among others who viewed, by various means, this date as something extraordinary.  Even famous Christian fathers, like Jonathan Edwards looked to 2012 as a probable time for something big to happen according to his reading of Biblical prophecy.

The misinformation that occurred was by those unlearned in the media, and scoffers, who said that these people said the World would end on December 21, 2012.  This was wrong.  When this didn't happen almost everyone stopped paying attention, but they should have kept up a sharp eye.  The reality of what is happpening right now is related to our moving into a different reality and believers in Yeshua should be paying attention.  Things are happening now more violently, more forcibly, more panicky than they were even last year.  Our American government are doing things with no plan, and they seem desparate to keep telling us nonsense that has no basis in truth.  The events happening world wide around us also seem more extreme and foreboding.  The voices of action and reaction are louder now and life just seems to be different.  Trouble is stirred up all around Israel and is threatening to get even bigger.  Again, our leaders are content to keep saying one thing and acting out things that are completely outside of normal behavior.  Weather is crazier.  Money is tighter and all the while America sinks further, and further into oblivion, and Israel is more threatened than ever.

The Scripture tells us that in the last days there will be signs in the Heavens and the Earth about impending judgement on rebellious, sinful man.  Politicians have no answers.  Bankers have no answers and even less money.  Entertainers try and help us keep our heads in the sand and most try and keep a stiff upper lip while pretending that things around us are perfectly normal.   So many modern day Pastors and preachers are doing as the entertainers. 

It is my opinion that we are now in the time explained in Scripture as the 'beginning of sorrows'.  I could be wrong, we could actually be transitioning into the later scenario in the Bible of what we know is coming.  There are some things that must yet come into place during the last days (not many) but when God's wrath begins to be poured out, who can stand in its way?  I've heard it said that God's judgement is like a dam that has a crack in it.  You may go a long time with the crack seeming to be no big deal.  However, it only takes one crushing wave to put enough pressure on that dam which will cause it to finally break.  When it does, there is nothing anyone can do to ever make it right again.  God's judgement is massive and it will effect everyone's life.  Make sure of your personal faith in Messiah Yeshua today.  Determine in your heart that you will end your days in good, close relationship with Him despite this wickedness around us in this crucial time we now live.  He will forgive those who ask.  Remember to seek Him who has the power to send  you to Heaven or Hell.  Yeshua shed His blood for you.  The only sure things anyone has are His grace and keeping power in this hour. 

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