God Bless America? America, Turn Back To God!
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God Bless America? America, Turn Back To God!

We are certainly living in extraordinary times.  Living as a child in the United States we were always taught how fortunate we were to live in such a rich and free land.  I was always so proud to be an American.  Our heritage, the constitutional republic passed down to us was such a gift, and the founders of this nation were so wise in their conception of how to put a nation together.  Truly, the USA has been blessed by God in so many ways you need more than the fingers on either hand to tell the story.

So why do we feel different now that it is 2013?   It does seem that so many of us are powerless to move ahead in our lives like our parents did.  The opportunities seem scant and dim when it comes to prospering today.   Today, life is far different than it was even 10 years ago.  What's up anyway?   Are you like me in sensing that this wonderful republic our forefathers gave to us is slipping away right before our very eyes?  I don't want to be political here, please.  This subject is far too important  to lower ourselves to that pathetic, and useless, manmade venue.   No, what we are seeing is bigger than politics and the muck men have made of things.  This weight is spiritual.  What we are witnessing is the judgement of God on our nation.  We are seeing His protective hand of blessing lifted off of us as a nation and the sinister powers of hell are now gradually descending to steal, kill and destroy this land, our institutions, our wealth and our status as the 'land of the free and the home of the brave.'   

America is guilty for turning its back on God and making a mockery of His Word, His institutions and the faith of our forefathers.  Remember too,  judgement begins at the house of the Lord.  This moral decay, unfortunately, is found inside and outside of His covenant peoples too.  For decades now it has been very apparent that unless America comes back to God in repentance and humility, that we would be in line for His terrific justice.    Now, the time is short.  Unless we, as a nation, very soon cry out for mercy to the Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach, the true Messiah and Blesser of this land, we, as a nation, will face the awful result of our wicked state of being.   Behold, this judgement is now upon us.  The dye is cast.  Open your eyes!

Look at the other nation that swore before Yahweh, the God of the Bible, that it would obey Him.  That nation was Israel.  When they went into darkness God lifted His hand from them and Satan barged in and did exactly what he is doing before our eyes in America right now.  The nation was given over to its false gods.  The moral fabric collapsed.  They were no longer feared by their enemies.  Their borders were over run by neighbors and the wealth of the land crumbled.   As a result they became poor and starved.  They were defeated by a people God sent their way  as His instrument of divine justice.   Finally, they were driven by their enemies out of the land given to them by Yahweh Himself.   All of this happened to Israel, a nation blessed as a 'covenant people'  that turned its back on the Lord.   Amazing isn't it?   Even more, it is chilling, the stuff they write books about.  Yet, undeniably it is happening to the United States of America right now.

Like most people, I have a tendency to become outraged by the daily news about how our rights are being taken away, our money disappearing, and our military fighting futile wars in remote places for no good reason.  It bothers me that plans exist for most of mankinds' extermination and nobody seems to care because they have been lulled into some compliant state by a massive,  mesmerizing media everywhere that creates a phony reality people seem to relate to.   I now see a new reality.   Moreover, in seeing all this craziness I have come to the realization that it isn't just because we have elected 'agent provacateurs' into high office, or globalist thieves bent on controlling us, or the failure of our money supply.   Nope, what we have here is much bigger.  What is happening is on a far more epic scale.   The United States, as a nation, must repent.   What is upon is of Biblical proportions.  America has failed God and the vultures are circling our collective karkus.  We as a nation have slapped God in the face every day with our wickedness, our pride,  and now His hand of protection is lifted and we are left to our own silly, manmade, and foolish devices.   God bless America?  America, turn back to God!

So what can I do as an idividual?   It's actually pretty simple.  The answer is found in scripture, Revelation 18:4,  "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."   Just who do you identify with anyway?  It's time to think about it.  Think hard.   Is it America?   Unless she repents she is doomed.  Is it your family?  Is it your fellowship?  Who?   As for me and my house we will serve THE LORD!   I will identify with Yeshua the Lord!  Yeshua is my 'Salvation'!

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