The Jewishness of God's Word
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The Jewishness of God's Word

Most people, Jew or Gentile fail to realize that when studying the Bible, whether Old Covenant (Tanach) or the New Covenant (B'rit Chadashah) that it is primarily a Jewish book.  The message of God came to the Jews, His message was first and foremost for the Jews, and the stories and context mainly were about the Jews.  The culture, the traditions, the concepts, the history, even through the life of the Apostles and early believers was strictly Hebrew.   In fact, the Jewishness of the writings of the Apostles is very evident in the cultural, historical, and factual events that transpire throughout the writings of the New Covenant.  Therefore, to really get a grip on the central heart of what God is trying to say to all of us, you have to understand the Jewishness of God's Word.  

Our eternal life depends on our understanding of the message of God's Word through the Jews.  Elohim proclaims that salvation (His Jewish Son the Messiah Yeshua) is of the Jews and there is no other way.  And, of course,  you must keep in mind that this,  the Incarnate Word,  the Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach, in the flesh was and is, and will always remain a Jew.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever!  

It stands to reason that He would have naturally spoken to His disciples in their native language, traditions and Scriptures.  A wonderful example of this truth is found in the Book of Revelation.  If you read this book by itself, without knowing the Jewish context you may find yourself orbiting the moon without a parachute.  Go ahead and try it.  I have known and read many scholars over the years, who, for whatever reason, fail to notice the Jewish richness of Revelation and I marvel at their conclusions.  They don't even consider the other prophetical writings or context, and they have done this to their own theological blinding.  Look closely and you will see that Revelation contains the exact same elements within the visions given to John (a Jewish man remember) as the story of the Exodus of Israel from their captivity in Egypt.

1.  The preparation of God's people through Moses (the 7 congregations in chapters 2 and 3) 
2.  The plagues on Egypt (the catyclisms of the future seals, trumpets, bowls, etc.)
3.  The protection of the people of God (We win)
4.  Pharoah as ruler of Egypt (Anti-Messiah as the beast system, rising out of the sea and ruling the world)
5.  The miraculous deliverance at the Red Sea (The miraculous Day of the Lord's return)
6.  The wrath of God upon Egypt (the wrath of the Lamb upon His enemies)
7.  Entering the land flowing with milk and honey (Our heavenly home described in detail)

The Book of Revelation is a glimpse into our future dwelling place based upon what has already happened to God's people in the past.  In other words, Revelation is a revisiting of the Exodus..... OUR Exodus from this life into our Heavenly Home with the Messiah of this World, Yeshua HaMashiach.  Therefore, do yourself a favor.  Next time you see a Jewish person and you think of it, thank him or her for their ancestors bringing God's perfect Word to mankind.  They may not get it, but who really does?

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Therefore, to really get a grip on the central heart of what God is trying to say to all of us, you have to understand the Jewishness of God's Word.
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what God is trying to say to all of us, you have to understand the Jewishness of God's Word.
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That the Gentile Christian Church becomes part of an enlarged multi-national Israel through union with Yeshua, the one-man Israel, and through union with the Messianic Jewish Synagogue.
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